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The 720 pound couple
How we're losing 327lbs in 1 year
Can you tell us...? 
28th-Mar-2008 12:46 am

What it is that you guys eat? I'd love to know how you eat being (probably) busy parents. Eating on the go or when you have a baby to worry about is sometimes a challenge!

28th-Mar-2008 05:41 am (UTC)
Not directed at me..but a busy grad student nonetheless! When I have to take breakfast with me to work, I grab a Fiber One bar (they're super yummy) and a banana.

My lunch tends to be leftovers from last night's dinner or a Subway sandwich.

For a quick dinner, I might cook up a chicken breast and some couscous. Pop some frozen veggies in the microwave (Green Giant has a vast and wonderful selection) and you've got an incredible dinner in 15 minutes.
28th-Mar-2008 01:26 pm (UTC)
very nice!!
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