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The 720 pound couple

How we're losing 327lbs in 1 year

Getting skinny together
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When we decided to make a change in our lives we weighed 720 lbs combined.

September 2007

Marshall had gastric bypass surgery on March 24, 2006. When we returned home from the hospital we both discovered a new, healthier way of eating. We got healthy and immediately got pregnant, and had our first child in March 2007. Now that she's here we're back on the bandwagon and are re-committed to losing the rest of our weight! We've lost an incredible amount of weight in a short time and we're very committed to helping others in their weight loss efforts.

This community is for anyone trying to lose weight, but specifically those who are committed to making the lifestyle change necessary to lose the weight and keep it off. It is a place for encouragement and inspiration, recipes, and information about gastric bypass surgery.
Please post as often as you'd like.

Heather's weight loss (from highest weight)

Marshall's weight loss (from highest weight)